Thursday, January 03, 2019

BHB2803 Key Websites

Key Websites for BHB2803
Career & Professional Development II

The following are essential weblinks for BHB2803.

Symbaloo page:

Google Docs folder:

Google Docs student work:

Monday, January 22, 2018

Hospitality Business Appreciation Lunch Student Roundtable

I attended the Hospitality Business Appreciation Lunch on Friday at the Hilton Hotel. In attendance were many members of SIT management, all the HB faculty members and a large number of industry partner reps. During the lunch, a five-member roundtable was conducted by students who had just finished their IWSP. In it, they discussed the highlights of their IWSP experience. One notable point made by Hazel Lim, the student anchor of the discussion, was that the skills developed and practised in Career and Professional Development II module were of great use during the internship. After the lunch, as I spoke to Hazel and other student mentors for this year’s coming IWSP batch, the same message came across: Our BHB2802 module is very useful.