Thursday, January 29, 2009

Green Topics

Here's a post providing possible topics for student research in the "GREEN." This is not an exhaustive list, nor is it organized in any particular way. It is really just a brainstorming list. Please augment it by adding in the comments area.

global warming
alternative energy
drill, baby, drill!
bikes versus cars
hybrid cars
solar products
resources and materials
energy depletion
land use and community
low-flow plumbing
water resources
indoor lighting
depletion of natural resources
electronic waste
plastic bags
carbon footprints
pollution(air, water, noise)
green policies
natural ventilation
building environmentally-friendly
marine-life depletion
World Wildlife Fund
non-native species
dam building
sustainable development
preservation of natural heritage
monoculture farming
rainforest preservation
waste management
managing fisheries
coral reefs
Save the Tiger
habitat destruction
the effect of eco-campaigns


Annie Ang said...

How about Save the Panda? However, this topic is politically sensitive.

Brad Blackstone said...

"Save the Panda" would be fine, as it relates to a particular population, of course.

Politically sensitive, in Singapore? Not in my estimation.

duane said...

State of the Environment reporting?

Annie Ang said...

I already clarified this in class but I shall just repeat it here. "Save the Panda" is politically senstive as some environmentalists regard only as a diplomacy tool. Its ecological value does not justify the huge expense of saving them. I concede that baby pandas are cute!

Another suggestion. Wildlife breeding programs.

Brad Blackstone said...

Ecological value? Don't you think that "value" can be more than just money?

I can imagine a world without mosquitos, but not one without pandas, grizzlies, sun bears and other mammal species "in the wild." Aside from their "value" for humans, what about their "right" to a place in the world? For me it comes down to a basic philosophical idea: the world doesn't just "belong" to humans.

LazySusan said...

I’m passionate that we need to take it further with regards to green energy. The best way to bring the changes we need in the economy and the environment is by creating local jobs to improve our infrastructure to lessen the impact on the environment. I feel really inspired after reading Thinking Big, especially the essay called An Inclusive Green Economy by Van Jones and Jason Walsh. They took the idea of green collar jobs farther and suggest a Clean Energy Corps be created that is a combined service, training, and job creation effort, concentrated in cities and struggling suburban and rural communities. Basically the idea is that price and the market are too slow to base the shift to a green economy on, which I totally agree with, and we should have a governing body put into place that coordinates green collar efforts to maximize efficiency and opportunity creation for Americans. We need the government involved in creating jobs, not just handing money out to industries.

Gooji said...

Something very important has been left out.

GoVeg. Be vegan, be a vegetarian.

Interesting to know how much CO2 the meat you eat actually contribute to the atmosphere.