Saturday, July 26, 2008

Citizen of the World

In response to Barack Obama's recent speech in Berlin, John McCain and his spokespeople offered striking criticism. They said Mr. Obama should be speaking not to Europeans but to Americans (at least until he becomes president). They also derided his calling himself a "citizen of the world."

Here is my question: How can any person profess to be, as many Americans see in their president, “the leader of the ‘free world’” and not be at the same time a citizen of that world?

Mr. Obama articulated in his Berlin speech values that should simply be considered basic for leadership by any conscientious citizen concerned with the affairs of our time. And it seems he has proven himself intellectually able, at the very least, to imagine the scope of the challenges that he faces as a world leader in the 21st century. McCain, even in his most recent public statements, has shown again and again that he is a man imprisoned by the values of a different time, one whose narrow dimensions cloud his vision and make his judgments questionable.

Let’s hope that there are enough citizens of the world living in America to recognize the difference between the two men (and that the election this November can be a fair one).

Read Barack Obama's speech in Berlin here:

Citizen of the World

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giant said...

I've noticed that the news headlines lately have commonly been criticisms of Obama, mostly quotes of McCain. It's strange for starters that when you're a politician durn near everything that streams out of your mouth can be considered worthy of a news headline. Is it really news when McCain makes a sophmoric joke, or hits Obama for, of all things, calling himself a 'citizen of the world'? Sigh. One would think the 21st century would have ushered in some progress in terms of consciousness, but I fear that's not the case.